Thursday, March 24, 2011

New start!

Beginning with the previous post, I am going to start posting both my personal craft projects and links to projects I want to tackle on this blog! I still haven't managed to make anything to post for sale on my Etsy store, so hopefully this will be a stepping stone to that!

Below I posted a great list of crochet flower patterns that I can't wait to try!

I'm also currently working on my own variation of this scarf pattern from Lion Brand, which I'm making with a dusty purple mercerized worsted weight cotton. I'm using that pattern but making a large rectangular scarf (instead of the crescent-shaped shawl the pattern makes), and I plan to finish it off with a knitted-on I-cord and tiny buttons all around the edge, which will be decorative, but also let me button it into a shrug or a poncho! Should be pretty cool.

This is the first project I've started for myself in quite a long time, and it's going to take a while to finish, so I'm trying really hard to do at least a little bit every day, because it would be nice to finish while it's still spring. But I made it cotton so it will be fair game to wear on a cool Summer evening as well. And won't it look nice with one of those crochet flowers pinned to it?

I also made 2 red potholders for Hannah last week, to match her other kitchen items she got to furnish her new apartment!

Here's all my knit and crochet pictures on facebook!

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