Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PoeTree Group Craft OR home decor idea!
This gave me the idea for a tree formed out of verticle cursive handwritten lines of poetry.

For a group kids' project:  cut out tree form from brown butcher's paper, and have kids fill it with their own nature-inspired poetry or their favorite existing poetry.  Create leaves, birds and other embellishments out of appropriate poetry snippets or descriptive words and phrases.

For the wall of a bedroom, or just some art anywhere in your house:  lightly sketch a rough tree outline using pencil, then fill it in (also with light pencil lines) with cursive poetry, writing from bottom to top and top to bottom, possibly in a continuous line.  When satisfied, re-trace all of it using brown paint and a small paintbrush.  A sample-sized container from Lowe's should be plenty, even for a large-scale tree!

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