Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Craft Retreat Registration! And coordinating Halloween costumes for the kiddos!

If you live within driving distance of Gettysburg, PA, don't forget to register for the Sewing Retreat weekend, November 3rd thru 5th! Info and registration here, or email retreat [at] craft-day [dot] com.

SO! After lots of changing her mind (typical 5yo), for Halloween this year, PJ has suggested she be Poppy, and her 2yo little brother Max be Branch, from the movie Trolls. Here's my inspiration:
I have a plan to sew everything myself, using all fleece and a couple of my favorite PDF patterns, plus a bit of improvisation:

For Poppy, a tunic-length Jolly Roger Raglan with pink fleece for the arms and blue fleece for the body & neck band, plus some decorations around the hem; over pink fleece Bonny Leggings. I'll use a darker pink fleece to make a hair headband for Poppy with lighter pink ears plus green and blue scraps from the Branch costume, and since PJ has long hair, I think we can use some foam and pink hairspray to give her troll hair. Pink face paint on her nose and eyebrows, and voila!

For Branch, I plan to use the Muse Playsuit pattern, which goes up to 4T, and piece together the different areas of Branch's outfit: teal fleece for the arms and lower legs; leafy green fleece for the upper body; and brown with green patches for the upper legs and lower body. For the snap band, I'll use teal, and I will also add a teal hood, which I've done before on the Muse. I think I'll attach the ears to the hood, but haven't decided yet whether to add fleece hair to the hood as well, or make a separate hair piece that can velcro to the hood. Blue face paint on Max's nose and eyebrows, and there we have it!

I was going to use the same Muse Playsuit pattern to make a wolf suit for Max and have him be Max from Where The Wild Things Are, and the rest of us would be Wild Things, but that is too context-specific to work when the kids are apart at Kindergarten and daycare. So when PJ suggested the trolls, I was all for it!

What do you think? Have you crafted your own Halloween costumes? Share your favorites!

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